Body Desserts Caramel Cappuccino Firming Body Cream, 450ml

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Firming Body Cream Caramel Cappuccino Caramel Cappuccino Firming Body Cream helps to restore firmness of flabby skin, enhances body appearance and supplies a longterm moisturizing effect to your skin. Green coffee oil lifts the skin and makes it supple, while organic shea butter and cocoa butter moisturize resulting a silky finish. Organic spicy cinnamon promotes the natural balance of the body processes and helps to slow skin ageing process. Volume: 450 ml Just what you need. Simple • Simple combination of natural ingredients • Simple effective formulas • Simple safe packaging Pure • No parabens • No SLS • No mineral oils • No polyethylene Natural • Maximum natural formulas • Maximum amount of natural ingredients • Contains certified organic extracts and oils • Most of the products are certified by the German BDIH standard and the international standard COSMOS NATURAL.
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